Rant: cell phones

I’m very disappointed with the state of the art in cell phones and data plans. Years ago, you could get an unlimited data plan from every major carrier; such plans are now unheard of. I am only able to maintain my unlimited data Verizon plan by foregoing their phone upgrades and instead buying phones at the full retail price. I use an enormous amount of data, the cost of which would far exceed that saved by purchasing a phone at “upgrade” price and accepting data charges.

I have done everything in my power to avoid shelling out $500 or more on a cell phone. This includes hanging onto old phones as backup in the event that my current phone suffers a hardware failure, as well as actually repairing phones (I used a heat gun to replace the microphone module on my Samsung Galaxy S3’s mainboard). All the while I have dealt with completely inexplicable errors which would be considered totally unacceptable if they occurred on a PC (which costs the same amount of money): random reboots, wildly varying rates of battery charge consumption, slowness during multitasking, unresponsive touchscreens, the list goes on. A friend of mine says this is because I purchased a used S3, but I don’t accept this explanation. If I buy a used laptop, I expect its performance to be the same as when it was new, provided I install a fresh copy of the operating system. I expect the same of a cell phone.

In response to my S3 finally keeling over and dying yesterday, I am about to give Android/Google its final chance. I have ordered a brand new Google Nexus 6, which came to just over $700 after tax and shipping. For that much money, I expect it to “just work,” no bloatware, and easy modification (root access, WIFI hotspot, etc.). I expect it to be fast; switching between Google Navigation and Pandora Radio while driving had better be damn near instantaneous. Put bluntly, I expect zero bullshit.

Rant: cell phones

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