Rant: New Jersey National Guard finally getting the publicity it deserves

The gaggle of inept moral cowards running the NJARNG into the ground is finally being outed, publicly.

What this article doesn’t mention is that the ills of senior leadership are not the concerns of only field grade officers. It infects the entire organization. By choosing senior officers based on their level of blind allegiance to a corrupt leader, the rest of the “mere mortals” are forced to deal with incompetent and clueless morons who are incapable of issuing clear and conciseĀ guidance. In fact, a great many of them are utterly ignorant of their role in the operations process, requiring subordinates to pick up the slack and simply guess as to their respective commanders’ intent. This creates frustration in the ranks of otherwise capable junior leaders, whose increased stress is reflected in their dealings with their own subordinates.

The effect, in a sense, is viral.

On another note, I have long held that given the country’s engagement in two prolonged armed conflicts over the past fifteen years, it is almost certain that anyone whose service in the armed forces spans that time period and has not been deployed to an imminent danger area is deliberately avoiding such a deployment. This sort of behavior is to be expected from the lowest caliber of service members, but it is not to be celebrated, and those who engage in it should be phased out of the military rather than rewarded with numerous promotions and awards. They certainly should not be appointed to the most senior position of leadership in the NJARNG, and yet the last two TAGs (James Grant and Glenn Rieth) have been of this very sort.

Rant: New Jersey National Guard finally getting the publicity it deserves

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