Witch-Doctor Psychology

I happened to come across the most recent edition of New Jersey Psychologist the other day and saw that the cover had the words “Energy Psychology” in large letters. They were accompanied by a pair of hands which appeared to be cupping an ethereal ball of light. My bullshit detector went straight to “10” and I just had to find out what they (“they” being the NJ Psychological Association, a supposedly reputable bunch of folks whose names are always followed by “Ph.D”) were talking about.

Just as I suspected, it’s typical pseudoscientific psychobabble. It’s the same old “ancient Eastern medicine” but wrapped up in a new name. Meridians, chakras, thought fields, the whole nine yards. What is going on?

How can a publication of a supposedly respectable organization, one which represents professional psychologists, be filled with such complete nonsense? How is it that there aren’t hundreds of enraged psychologists shouting down the idiots at the NJPA?

The honest truth is that I just don’t know. I suspect, however, that advances in our understanding of the underlying material origins of psychology has driven intelligent and scientifically minded folks with interests in psychology toward fields (medicine, neuropsychology) which demand empiricism. What’s left are the charlatans and idiots.

Witch-Doctor Psychology

2 thoughts on “Witch-Doctor Psychology

  1. Good call. Definitely pseudoscience. More quacky PhDs trying to cash in on that “Energy’ healing money. Why didn’t they call it Quantum Psychology? Same difference.
    Also, I’m surprised there’s not much skeptical review yet.

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  2. Good question. Perhaps someone should ask these psychologists to explain their respective therapeutic approaches within the context of quantum mechanics. If nothing else, the responses would provide immense amusement.


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