Power company kills eight

To be clear, this is indeed a tragedy, especially with regard to the very young children who could not have controlled the situation and wouldn’t have understood the astounding stupidity of running a gas-powered generator inside a house. The title of this post is not intended to mock the dead, but rather the predictable response of liberals to a simple case of death by idiocy.

Rodney Todd purchased a gas generator after the power company turned off his electricity in response to his unpaid utility bills. But he chose to run the generator inside the house and subsequently caused not only his own death, but the deaths of seven of his children. In response to this, I asked my friend if he thought liberals would say that the power company is at fault because they turned off the electricity, thus precipitating this disaster. This proved my own naivete because, despite my question being asked in jest, I found the following comment on DM:

In modern times, you cannot judge the seriousness of a statement by ridiculousness alone. No matter how outrageous a statement is, you may not necessarily assume that it was intended to be ironic or sarcastic. For any given level of ridiculousness, there is a corresponding statement made by a liberal intended to convey the utmost gravity.

The correct response, of course, is to either outlaw generators completely, or at least require state and federal regulation of generator purchases. This regulation must include waiting periods and expensive background checks. Under no circumstances should purchases of generators be allowed between private parties, and absolutely no online purchases of generators should be tolerated. Furthermore, the power output capacity of generators for personal use should be limited to one kilowatt, just to make sure that the rate of CO production is controlled (still enough to kill yourself, just not as quickly). I welcome submissions of suitably cute names for this proposal.

Power company kills eight

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